Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Some Handmade Goodies

I'm going to show a few of the Holiday gifts I've made 
because I am pretty sure these people don't read my blog.
First is the Tardis potholder for my son's teacher.
 photo 0a22b9bb-b82f-4526-ab1b-e663d7e7376b_zps6ccb63a3.jpg

He says she is a huge Doctor Who fan. She even has a Tardis sitting on her desk at school.
I've never seen Doctor Who (this may shock some) so I had to google what a Tardis looked like.

Next is a little 'Peace' ornament I made for my best friend. The pattern is a free one over on 'Krissy-Cross's' blog.
 photo cadeb4b4-1340-4bb4-896d-0cc086929412_zps7bd91bff.jpg

I know my best friend doesn't read my blog... I am actually pretty sure she doesn't know I have a blog (this may shock some too). LOL  But we are more like 'camping buddies'.  She doesn't sew and when we get together we talk about where and when we're camping next and what the menu will be.

I am about 99% sure my daughter doesn't read my blog... so here is a peak at her chemistry / math love pillowcase...
 photo 92b35ba0-3d34-4571-8140-c4bcd7d6a1e9_zps7879bde8.jpg

She loves chemistry and math and is studying it in school.  It will go with the 'Keep Calm and Graduate On' quilt I made her. She keeps the quilt on her bed at college.  The body of the pillowcase is a math print called "Back to School" by Timeless Treasures.
 I had my husband google chemistry things and draw them up for me. I then took my handy dandy light box and traced the images onto what fabric, then embroidered them in black.
The two chemistry glassware have colored  fabric fused on them, then I machine stitched them down.
 photo 4012abb1-3c14-48cb-8b9a-6860294641a4_zps9fa5310d.jpg

The molecule is Caffeine... she loves coffee.

Lastly... is my son's Horned Owl...
 photo a40e3945-da47-4fa8-befe-1a2e049bd80b_zpse3baf88b.jpg
His favorite!
I will be making this sweet owl into an ornament for him.
The pattern came from the booklet 'Woodland Birdies #3' by Victoria Sampler.

So there are a few of the handmade goodies I've been working on.  I'm still working on some and others I can't show yet. teehee hee


Barb said...

You have made so many wonderful gifts. I love the owl and pillow case and I'm sure the teacher will appreciate her gift!

Jane S. said...

What a fun selection of stuff you've made! Everyone is going to love their gifts.

I'm trying to follow the link to the Peace pattern but it doesn't seem to be working. Help?


Manuela said...

You have made beautiful gifts.

Greetings, Manuela

Lisa said...

Ooh, what fantastic goodies! I adore the peace sign ornament, it's fab!

Andrea said...

Lovely and unique gifts. I'm sure everyone will love them.

Robin said...

What wonderful gifts you have created, Amy! Love the Tardis potholder. Did you create the pattern? Know the recipients will be thrilled!

Robin in Virginia

Rachel said...

These are all beautiful! I love the pillowcase and little owl...your stitching is lovely!