Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Loving April

I haven't done much stitching because I've been so busy doing other wonderful things. I love April... the weather is always perfect, the flowers are coming out and the birds are everywhere!  April 11th started our camping season.... you know I am a happy girl. We camped at EveryBus (63 buses were there) for 4 days.
 photo Picture1057_zps0578fe5c.jpg
Blogged on my Campin~Amy Blog.
~ I've been working in my yard / garden, pulling weeds and looking for cute creatures.

 photo Picture1130_zps9f44c8a3.jpg  photo Picture1131_zpsfd56cc4a.jpg I've been playing with my new camera and loving it!  photo Picture1128_zpsee14c9a1.jpg This crazy little rat keeps stealing the bird seed even though I've been putting out corn for him. He is cute though! ~ I've also been working on my Project Life (still loving it) and do some crafting around the house.  photo Picture1133_zps13095c69.jpg Oh and have you seen the new 'Song of the Seasons' 3 Part Mystery Sampler (by Little House Needleworks) that will be coming out in June? I am excited about that... she posted a sneak peek (on facebook) and I spotted some birds. :o)


Barb said...

Great Spring photos! Glad to here your camping season is back!

Julie said...

Your little squirrel certainly looks like he is up to no good!

Michaelanne said...

Your photos are awesome!!!! LOVE your scrapbook..this weekend at work, a bunch of girls brought in our scrapbooks, and in the few quiet moments we had, we shared them...really inspired me to start up again!!! Have a great day Amy:)!!!