Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love Spring

To get into a 'Spring' mood, I started a new little stitching project....It's called "Tulips with Bunny". It's a free pattern from The Snowflower Diaries.  I mostly stitch Christmas and Halloween patterns and felt it was time to add some Spring to my collection.

 photo Picture989_zps4df474f8.jpg I am stitching it one over one and I have no idea what the count is on this mystery linen I am using. I finished up Mrs. Claus' Cookie Shop...  photo Picture942_zps5b7180e6.jpg And look at the crazy creature in my window bird feeder this morning! LOL  photo Picture985_zpsfc2a8548.jpg Happy Spring and happy stitching!!


geeky Heather said...

Sweet bunny, congratulations on the finish!


Julie said...

What a naughty little thief you had in the bird feeder.
Love your new little finish.

Michaelanne said...

Love the bunny!!!! and that squirrel in your feeder...TOO CUTE:) This Christmas you are going to have the BEST looking house on the block with all your handmade lovelies:)

Lisa said...

Hi Amy! I'm feeling rather springy too and just started a spring stitch too, I love the bunny you've started, super cute! The Christmas piece is darling! Are you going to frame that one?

Squirrel!! I love those fuzzy little rascals! I'd love to see them so close to my windows, but I'd have a repair bill on my hands, my dog would bust through any door or window to get at it if it was that close. Alas... gotta love them from afar.

Hope you're having great day!