Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Remember the teacher's gift I was working on?     I finished it!  :o)    My son drew the picture on a piece of paper, then I traced it on a white piece of fabric using a light box.  He told me what colors to stitching it all in.  I tried to tell him that earth worms do not live in apples and I should stitch the worm green so he could be an inch worm.  He wanted no part in that.  He said he wanted the worm pink.  So we have a pink earth worm living in an apple. :o)   He also said that the red crayon was a number 1 because she is a number 1 teacher. 
I didn't think to take a cute picture of the pillow.  This morning my son was leaving for school and taking the teacher's gift with him.  So I grabbed a quick (not so good) photo.   PS. Mrs. Goodman's (the teacher) favorite color is blue.
Here is progress on block #5 of HocusPocusVille.  I've had lots of time to stitch in doctor office waiting rooms, gymnastic waiting rooms and tutoring waiting rooms.  So I get a good 3 hours of stitching time in a week while waiting for children.
I would read and study for my Immunology class, but it is usually too loud with people coming in and out all the time.  I need complete quite with I'm reading.   Here is a glimpse of what I am learning.... doesn't that look like a 3 year old drew it, at the bottom??
And look at the  'Quilt a Long' I found over at 'Cut to Pieces'.  A Super Mario Brothers QAL.   I may  just join in, we'll see after she posts the supply list.  With crazy things going on , like school, I may not have time.  But both of my kiddies are into games, so I bet one of them would love this quilt.


Barb said...

That is such a wonderful teacher gift!!

Michaelanne said...

Amy, I was SEW inspired with your teacher's gift, that we made our own version of it!!! Thank you for the awesome idea!! I hope to post a pic of it tomorrow!! LOVE the hocuspocusville:) Halloween will be here before you know it, and I will probably be drooling over a NEW quilt you managed to get done, and wishing I had one too!!!! :D!
XXOO Have a great weekend and a Happy Father's Day!