Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday (my life in progress)

(Catherine and Jeff)

My cousin got married Sunday evening.  It wasn't just any wedding for our family, it was what people were calling a miracle.  My cousin is 50 years old and this is her first marriage,  the man she married is her first boyfriend.  Can you imagine going 50 years and not having dated, or having a boyfriend or being kissed?  The family is so happy for her and she is so happy I can't even tell you. He is a great guy and perfect for her.   I had to make her a special quilt for her big day.  Her favorite colors are not mine, so the quilt I made was not easy to make.  I had to keep making myself work on it.  I haven't put boarders on it yet, but I do plan to add two boarders.  Below are signatures happening on the quilt top at the wedding.

The picture below is my Shell Family. Me, my dad, my mom and my brother at the wedding. 

The morning after the wedding, Monday, my little man had to have surgery on this ear.  They took a muscle graft  from behind his ear and replaced his eardrum with it.  (his spider bite wound is healing nicely)

(Before surgery with Mr. Gecko)

And we are now 98% sure that I am gong to homeschool my little man. I still have questions, but I still have a lot of people I plan to talk to.  I still don't know exactly which curriculum to use, but we're working on that too.  I am trying to figure out how to organize the area where we'll be doing most of the school work. (the kitchen table)  And I am thinking of starting a blog to document our adventure we are getting ready to take.  I want to name our little school... like 'Jonah's Academy' or 'Shark School'. I want to make it fun for him.  Can you help me come up with a cute name for our new school?  His name is Jonah of course and he LOVES sharks, sea creatures, and prehistoric animals.  I'd love organizing tips too.

Below, we are measuring Geico, his gecko.  A little homeschooling happening. :o)  He is 7 inches long.

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Michaelanne said...

Best of luck Amy homeschooling!! I would LOVE to husband is really not a fan of the idea! I wish he would be more open to learn more, because I think it can be a GREAT thing if done right! I am sure you will do a great job..Hugs to your sweet little guy, and wishes for a speedy recovery!!!!!