Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Longest Post Ever (for me)

This post is mostly what I've been worrying or thinking about this last week. No sewing happening here the last week, just a lot of craziness~ good and bad.  I am throwing in some photos I've taken this week also... they might not go with what I am writing about but just go with it.  :o)
(Rusty, our 1958 Deluxe Bus at the VW car show)

They say things happen is threes.... and it seems to happen that way.  Our a/c broke about 3 or 4 weeks ago (it is still not working), my car broke down about 3 weeks ago, then this week the vacuum cleaner broke (we really need a vacuum with 3 dogs).  Now on a good note ~ Friday the belt for the vacuum came in the mail and my husband fixed it. 'Yes' for vacuuming again.   I was without a car for 3 weeks, but my husband got something working on it and it running again, not good, but I made it to the grocery store and back! I'm happy with that.  We'll get another car someday, but for now we can not afford it.  We just have to keep plugging  along and keep putting band-aid after band-aid on it until we can afford to get another vehicle. 

(my little guy and his shark on the steering wheel)

Our a/c is still not working and the way it looks now I don't know if it will be working this Summer.  We've had pretty nice days so far , but come tomorrow we are supposed to get into the high 90's. :(    I am not looking forward to it.   So there are my three things.  All in a row... broke.  At least one has been 'all the way' fixed, and one is 'sort of' fixed.

( my sweet girl at the VW car show.... getting a drink out of the cooler from the back of Rusty)

The other thing that is on my mind is school. This semester I am only taking one class, Immunology.  I do think the teacher is off her rocker.  We had to read 14 chapters in two weeks.  No one finished the assignment and this week she has added 5 more chapters to read.   I'm not sure I can do this, but I keep plugging along once again.  It is too late to withdrawal with a refund so I guess I just need to keep going and do the best I can do.  I do have 12 out of 19 read so far.   And let me just say that it is not an 'easy read'.  Oh no no no.  This is immunology we're talking about.

(my two guys in the front of Rusty.... leaving the VW car show)

The biggest thing that happened this week..... were spider bites.  I won't go into too much detail because it is not pretty.  Last Friday, June 9 , I got bit by something on my stomach.  I had been pulling weeds in the driveway that day.  The bite site only grew and hurt. With everyday it was looking a lot worst and hurting really bad.  By Wednesday I finally let a doctor look at it and they made me have it lanced open to drain the nastiness that was underneath my skin.  I have not felt this much pain since child birth.

(crazy VW girls... Lisa with baby Cora, Dawnn and me)

I am now on a 14 day round of antibiotics. One that will treat Lime, just in case.  I have a hole in my belly that is still draining nastiness. But I am getting better everyday.  That isn't the end of the awful story. Thursday, June 14th, we noticed a hug red circle on the back of my son's leg.  We thought "bee sting".  He said he didn't remember getting stung.  By that night our son could hardly walk and had a fever of 101. Everyday his bite site got bigger and worst. By Sunday we ended up taking up to 'KidMed'.

(caught my little guy reading)

An evil Nurse Practitioner (she is a whole other story and who I will be writing 'KidMed' about)  ended up cutting open his leg and letting the infection drain out.  This was one of the most painful, awful, and horrible experienced I've ever had to live through.  And I wasn't the one getting my leg cut open. My sweet son is now on 2 different antibiotics and his wound is draining like crazy.  With bandage changing three time a day.    * He has surgery on his ear next Monday*

(my Black Eyed Susans. My friend gave me these because I couldn't grow my own)

I'm sorry for all the gore in my post.  It has just been a crazy couple of weeks.  They say God only gives you as much as you can handle.  I don't believe that.  I didn't handle this well. If only one person had looked at my cross eyed, I would have gone over the deep end.  If it weren't for some of my friends and my husband I would have gone over the deep end  last Friday.  I couldn't get through a sentence without busting out into tears.

(a Cicada coming out of his shell on the tree in our yard)

Also on my mind is homeschooling.  I've been throwing the homeschooling idea around in my head for about 6 months.  Not that I don't like the public school, I just don't think it is for my son.  My daughter did great in public school.  My son.... not so much.  I think he needs more of a 'one on one' teaching.  I went to the VA home schooling conference the first weekend in June and I am still confused and worrying about it.   If any of you homeschoolers out there have any advise... please, I'd love to hear it.   I am the type of person who is scared to ask for help or for anything really.  So what if I need help, but them I am scared to ask for it?   What if I don't teach him all he needs to know? What he we drive each other crazy?  What curriculum do I use?  My husband and I are trying to figure out if he is a visual , auditory, or kinesthetic learner.  I think he is a little of all three.  Can this be? 

(the snake in our yard today)

So this is a pretty long post. Probably the longest I've ever written.  I have a lot going on and a lot on my mind.   And I know everyone has a lot going on.  I just needed to put mine out there.  Maybe to air my head out.  Or maybe to see if anyone had any advice for me. 


Jennifer said...

you are a strong woman. you will make it.

Barb said...

Wow! You have had your hands full. As for the home schooling, there should be a curriculum guide of what the state says should be taught at each level. If you had that, at least you would know what to teach to meet basic requirements.

Lisa Leggett said...

Aww, ladypants! You really do have a lot on your mind *and* on your plate. I think you are stronger than you realize, Amy. I hope you & the kiddo are healing ok, those bites sound awful, I can't even imagine. This is why I detest bugs & spiders, they're evil and bitey. Keep your chin up, love. You'll make it! Sending you peaceful, calming vibes, speedy reading and good car mojo!

MOT Test said...

I think you cna do it :).. U seem like a strong woman

Jantine said...

This is a lot to chew, would be for every other parent/person. I am quite sure you will get there! Can't help on the homeshcooling, hardly done here in the Netherlands...

Michaelanne said...

Oh Amy! I am so sorry to hear of your troubles..Life seems so unfair sometimes! I definitely think the spider bites are the worst part of this for you and your sweet boy!! School is so hard, but hang in there!!! You are doing fine..Thinking of you and sending you a hug across the miles!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

Good grief, I have been out of touch completely with blogs. I'm sorry for all you & yours have gone through but you all sure look happy at your cousins wedding and I know that in the end, all things work out. I don't "handle" things well, either, but somehow with a good husband and some support, you can always muster through. xxoo oh, and stitching, of course. always, always, stitching!!