Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BOM, Button and Jaws

Here is prOgress on my 'Little House Needleworks' BOM~2010. I'm not sure what to call it really. I need to think of a cute name.
I've finished the outside boarder for January, February, March, April (finished completely), and July.  I don't own May and June yet so I've been working on boarders for the months I have.  The July one is very hard to see in this photo.
Today I found out that my machine has a button stitch. A real button stitch. I knew it had a button hole stitch, I've used it many many times.  But I was looking through the manual today and came across the section to sew on buttons.  I hate to sew on buttons.  I've had a pair of my son's short lying around for awhile that need a button sewn on.  Well, I was so excited, I grab them up and sewed that button on in like 5 seconds.  It was crazy easy and fast!!   Who knew?!
Last night I came home and these two things were sitting on our front porch! ( see below)  My husband who restores old VW's helped a couple find their new to them VW bus last Summer. They were so excited. She made me this pillow(on the left) and painted this picture(right) of our bus, Jaws.  It looks exactly like Jaws. She is so talented. And I am so shocked that she took the time to make us these so special gifts. 

Well, I'm off to stitch. I still have a week until Summer school starts.  Happy stitching~Amy


Barb said...

That LHN project is going to look great!

scarlette said...

ok amy, you suckered me in AGAIN. i see the absolutely cute stuff on your blog and fall in a hole wanting to do the same cute thing - love the LHN BOM. i'm on my way to do a google search to find it - the pillow and painting are the best - i'm not surprised that someone did something nice for you - you deserve it. AND i keep looking for the "like" button ??? but alas none

SewAmy said...

Thank you Barb and Scarlette, you two are sweet!
Scarlette, I miss seeing you!

Michaelanne said...

OMG! They are SO cute! That was super nice of her:)