Monday, June 20, 2011

another Finish and maybe another Start

I finished embroidering all the sweet flowers on my 'Flower quilt'. So the top is done. ( excuse my toes in the photo)

Here are a few close ups of the blocks so you can see the embroidery.

One of my favorites is that sunflower in the green bordered block.

This pattern is a Bareroots Pattern called "Flower Quilt". Very fun to make. She will be hanging up at the shop ( Quilting Adventures) where you can buy the pattern.

Should I or should I not start this new ( 3 weeks in) Quilt a Long? We have this book (The Famer's Wife) at the shop too. Which I've been eye-balling for over a year. Well now on Flickr a Farmer's Wife Quilt -a - long has started and I think I want to join. Do I want to start another quilt that is going to take me 2 years to finish? I seem to always make quilts that you can't just whip out. This is just so tempting though.

If I start it up, I am thinking of making my blocks green / gray / cream/ and a bit of orange of course. :o) Do I do it?


Jennifer said...

yes, duh.

Angie said...

yes, come join the insanity with me, I have been working on cutting out my templates for a few days now...I am thinking B & W with lots of bright colors. we can have a RVA support