Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mini QT swap

I signed up for the 'Mini Quilt Trading Swap' on flickr. The theme was "Take Flight". The quilts are only supposed to be 6 inches to 12 inches so I figured I could handle that. My partner was chickenjulie and she made me the cutest mini quilt ever. We told each other what we liked and wanted, so she knew about our VWs. She made my beetle, Yoda May. See the YM on the license plate.

I've already hung it up on my kitchen wall under my trailer quilt. My mini measures about 6 inches X 6 inches. Written in the sky is " feel the wind in your hair" and written on the road is " flying down the road".
In the package Jules sent me was some awesome goodies. My mini quilt, the cutest mushroom and strawberry pins. Chocolate and one of my favorite "munki munki" fabrics, the VW buses.

For my end of the swap, Jules told me she wanted something for her little girl,s room. Which is pink and orange. I had a hard time wrapping my brain around 'girl'. I am so use to thinking 'boy'. I kept coming up with jets, planes, dragon, spaceships, etc. Finally, I thought of bees. I fuses the yellow bodies and blue wings on. Then uses a black marker to add the strips , stingers, and antennas.

I used white fabric paint for the eyes, then added the black dots and the mouths with the black marker again. I hand stitched " Love" in orange.

The bees are flying in a heart shape. Here is a photo of the whole mini quilt. I forgot to measure it but I think it's about 9 inches X 9 inches.

And on my sewing machine right now is a bag in the works. I am making a purse to carry at the robotics competitions this season. I'll post pictures when I'm finished.


Angie said...

All of them are adorable. I love Yoda May, too cute!

dreamalittle said...

The bees are so cute, a lovely idea!

Jantine said...

Lovely quilts! The bee's ideas are great!