Monday, April 5, 2010

A big shout out to team Blue Cheese, 1086

My daughter's robotics team won again. They won the North Carolina Regionals. And what an awesome competition it was. They were in 1st place the whole time so they got to pick the 2 teams for their alliance.

Remember , she is part of the 'drive team'. Every time I take a picture of her out there, she has that pole in front of her head. LOL But there she is. She is the kicker.

This photo is right after the winning score went up and they knew they had won. Everyone was screaming , yelling and jumping up and down. Hugging and crying. And "We are the Champions" by Queen was playing in the background. It was an awesome moment.

I just love this sign. It was hanging up as you walked into the building of the competition.

Next is Atlanta, Good luck to every one there. It's going to be an awesome ride.


Jantine said...

Wow, won again! What an terrific proud feeling must that be, being the mum of this kid! Enjoy the happy moments!
I love all those leagues who inspire kids to go beyond there-selves, especially the LEGO one.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Shelby!

Can she now build and drive a robot that will clean my house? You know, like Rosie from The Jetsons?

SewAmy said...

LOL, that would be awesome if she could build a robot to clean the house. If she can...I want one too.

Cheryl said...

Yay, Shelby!

Mary said...


Angie said...

That is so awesome Amy! I know you are so proud! What an accomplishment!

audreypawdrey said...

That is awesome! Yay!

QuiltedSimple said...

WHOOO HOOO Congratulations! I love this idea for the kids.