Friday, July 24, 2009

all over the place

This post is all over the place, I have been so busy. But first.... here is the reason that I am not sewing this weekend! My baby chihuaha, Basil, the dog that I think is really a baby pit bull, has chewed through my iron cord. My wonderful husband says he can fix it, yeah. ( it wasn't plugged in when this happened) The dog is still alive.

Class of 1988! We had a mini reunion at my girl friend's house. I am on the right end, and the girl next to me in the blue dress is Tiffany. She and I have been best friend since the 9th grade. The girl next to her, Jennifer, she and I have been really really good friends since the 10th grade!! What wonderful friends. I am hoping we get together more often.

I finished up the baby cowboy boot quilt for Tiffany, my girlfriend in the picture above. She loved it thank goodness.

And playing with fabric and fabric paint. I call this: Jonah's aquarium. My son is a freak about sea creatures or anything to do with the water, ocean or river.

It wasn't that easy to paint on fabric. Has anyone else done this? Maybe I need to water my paints down more. I used pebeo Setacolor paints. I would love some advice on this.


Cardygirl said... cat chewed through the spa cord-they seem to have a death wish! Nice to see your have done a great job with the octopus...looks good.

Cheryl said...

First, I love the octopus. Second, I can't believe you already finished the cowboy boots! And third, you sure have bad luck with irons!

audreypawdrey said...

The cowboy quilt is wonderful! I am so glad that the iron wasn't plugged in and that it can be fixed.:) The octopus is cute!

SewAmy said...

Cheryl, I know....I have some bad luck when it comes to irons.

Joyce said...

Let's talk about fabric paints, okay? But you gotta remind me. :-)

QuiltedSimple said...

Glad your puppy is ok! Love the cowboot quilt