Monday, September 22, 2008

starting on Christmas gifts.

I picked up this book about a month ago. It has the cutest projects in it. A lot of them I am going to be making into Christmas gifts. The book is by "Betty Oppenheimer" and published by Storey Publishing.

So , Here is the first one I am making. I will probably end up making 2 of these. I am not going to say who they will be for just in case they read my blog.... but I doubt they do. It is called the Lumberjack Tote.
The fabric I am using is the Home Dec weight, so It is really thick and strong. This fabric came from the shop..."Quilting Adventures". They are carrying more and more of the Home Dec weight fabric.
Here are the handles being sewn on. This is where I had to stop. My little boy has another fever and ear/throat ache. So off to the Dr. we go again.
ps. I got my pattern cut out of my pj pants. Now I just need to cut out the fabric for them. I think I need more time in the day.


audreypawdrey said...

I need to start on Christmas gifts! I really like the wood tote and I like how it is functional but pretty. The blue fabric is so pretty!

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh I like the wood tote - I need one of those! I too need to get moving on Christmas gifts. We are making most of them this year. Any ideas for kids????

Carol in Sweden said...

That book looks great! Love the firewood tote...if only I could get my hubby to use it! If I make him one...maybe, huh?
Thanks for sharing!