Monday, August 11, 2008

Yoda May

Yoda May is my beetle I got for Mother's Day this year. My hubby is going to fix her up for me. She is a '65. Jeremy, my husband pulled her frame off the floor pan tonight......
And he thinks she is going to be WAY MORE WORK THEN HE THOUGHT. But I still want him to try to save her. She is so cute .....and ....rusty.
Here is her little shell body. The work begins... for Jeremy.
I stitched up 4 of my advent calendar days today. I love how they are turning out.
And I tried a little machine quilting with the is easier with the gloves on.


QuiltedSimple said...

Yoda May is cute - he should definitely try to save her. And your advent calendar embroidery is cool = can't wait to see more.

Dawn said...

Love your Yoda May. What a fun, fun venture for you and your husband. And Amy! Your advent calendar embroidery is SO, SO beautiful!

Kellie said...

I want to know who the car is really for ... looks like he will be having quite a bit of fun with it before you do! ;)