Monday, February 18, 2013

Robots, Birds and Reptiles

Another quick post because we've been super busy again. My husband and I got the bumpers made for the robot. My daughter is on FIRST team 384 ~ Sparky.  photo 739464ac-30d4-4f99-89fc-dcbe950ba440_zpsc52ba385.jpg I didn't get a picture of the finished bumpers because they were whisked away so fast, I will be taking pictures at the Robotics competition in March so we can catch a peak of them then. We've been counting birds this weekend for the "Great Backyard Bird Watch". It's been to much fun! Remember.... I am a sucker for a bird.  photo Picture600_zps45c320d1.jpg Above is a little Carolina Chickadee. Below is a male Cardinal, I am thinking the second is a Tufted titmouse ( if it's not, please let me know what he is...I'm still learning) and the last guy is a White-Throated Sparrow.  photo Picture615_zps031e5579.jpg

My little guy turns '10' this week. His party was this weekend. I stitched up a "10" on his shirt with snake and frog fabric.  photo Picture734_zps52ffbf88.jpg Last year for his birthday we had "Reptile Adventures" come, this year he wanted them to come again! That's my boy!!  photo Picture674_zps7a5e4d36.jpg They really are cool, they bring all kinds of reptiles for the kids to pet and hold. They tell you all about them at the same time. This year they had a new reptile... the chameleon. Wow, he was so cool! They brought 'Gentle Ben' again.  photo Picture724_zps3596d2b1.jpg He is an albino Burmese Python and has grown one foot sense we saw him last year. He really is gentle. My son asked for another lizard for his birthday... he picked out a 'Mountain Horned Lizard'. He named him 'Rocky' for the Rocky Mountains. Bye for now... I've got to run... busy, busy, busy... hopefully I can sneak some "Santa's Village" stitching in this week.


Julie said...

Hapoy birthday wishes!

Barb said...

Kids and reptiles, they just go together!! Hope your little guy had a great Birthday!!

Michaelanne said...

Hope your little boy had a great day!!! Zach will be 10 in June! How are they getting so big????? I love your birdy pics! I want one of those feeders that suction cups to the window:) XXXOOO-Oh..and you are ALL way braver than any of us!!! We would not hold that snake!!!!