Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chemistry, pillowcases and a tarantula

Today I made 2 Halloween pillowcases for the sweet neighbor boys. They are always so good to my son. Their parents do so much for him, I wanted to make the boys some pillowcases. Their favorite holiday is Halloween. And this line of fabric is the cutest.

I have started to paint some tanks / aquariums on my son's wall. He has been asking for a tarantula for Christmas. Along with a lizard, turtle, and other crazy creatures. So instead of buying and feeding these creatures, I am going to paint them on the wall so he feels like he has them.
I finished painting the tarantula today. And as soon as I can get some time from my chemistry homework I'll paint some more. There will be a lizard, turtle, shark, piranha, and a snake. :o)

Happy September. I am steadily working on my September Bareroots BOM. A picture of that to come later.


beth said...

That is the best idea!! My oldest always had an aquarium with SOMETHING in it...I never thought to paint it on the wall!! ;)

Kathleen said...

What an amazing idea!! I'm sure your sone will be wrapped :)

Jantine said...

I can't believe you painted those yourself, you are such an artist. Love the idea too!