Friday, August 7, 2009

Look what I got!! I have been drooling over this munki munki fabric for about a year or more. I saw a lady post a photo of some of it on flickr and I commented on it. She wrote me and ask if I would like to swap for it. I WOULD LOVE TO. So I finially have a piece of Heather Ross munki munki vw buses. I love them. And you know I just love vw buses anyway. And Jenni, the girl who swaped with me, has her own VW bus too. I wish she lived closer to me ( she lives on the West Coast ) , we both have sewing and VW buses in common.

I finished up the Christmas tree skirt, but I think it needs a little more bling. It's a 'shop sample', so I'll have to ask my boss. But I would love to applique some things in the big green spots.
Have I ever told you I love paper piecing? I do. I think it's because you have this jumbled up mess, you iron the last fabric on it, cut the edges off and then you have this perfect little block. It is so cool.

Here is the paper pieced block I made. I can't tell you what it's for.... it's a secret. But I had fun making it.

Hey.... maybe I should add a little quilt to the side of my barn. :o)


beth said...

i love the vw buses also. we have three vws (2 bugs and a fast back)i don't drive them much though. if the buses had airconditioning - i'd get one.:) i'm pretty spoiled now.
yes, the barn would look GREAT with a little quilt!

audreypawdrey said...

i love that fabric so much. congratulations on scoring some! Definitely add a quilt to the side of that barn-it would look so cool!

Cardygirl said...

I love the is so you! Your paper piecing looks great!

Marcy said...

A quilt is definately needed on that barn!