Monday, May 4, 2009

teacher appreciation week.

This week is teacher appreciation week at school. Today Jonah picked a beautiful daisy flower out of our yard to give Miss Ward, his wonderful teacher.
Here is a sneak peak of my row robin. (sorry , my brain is just kaput) I don't know if I have mentioned my row robin yet or not. The quilt group I am in is having a row robin. We are starting this month.
So I need "my" row done my the end of May. Actually the last Monday in May. Does it look like grass and sky? I am going to go with a camping theme. Go figure, hahaha.


Jo in TAS said...

Lovely daisy and if he gives it to the teacher with a big smile like that he'll melt her heart!! I can see the grass and sky in your row robin too!

QuiltedSimple said...

What a wonderful kid to give his teacher that great daisy and the smile!

limpingalong said...

Your row quilt looks great!