Monday, April 13, 2009

I finished my cute little stitchery from Bareroots. I put batting and a backing on it so it's a little quilt. I am going to hang it on my sewing room wall. And it says "SEWING". Although that 'W' really doesn't look like a 'W'.

Park City Girl , is having a Blogger's quilt festival. Hope over to her blog and read about it. It sounds really fun. It will be April 17 - 24th.

I'll be sending off my siggy blocks this week. Working on finishing up my tiny trailer quilt. And starting a new quilt top for a work challenge. The work challenge quilt top needs to be done by June. So I have to get my tail in gear. Oh I also need to start my son's school teacher's end of the year quilt and start my row for a row robin I am in. goodness, goodness I need to get sewing. :o)


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

So cute! Love your stitchery :) Don't you love how when you start writing things down, there's more and more to write!! Have a good week & thanks for the link :)

QuiltedSimple said...

Sew much sewing and no time, right? I found out I have 3 quilts to do for teachers here shortly.....guess I'd better get moving on them...... Love the stitchery - even with the off "W"

Dawn said...

Wow. You are certainly busy with your wonderful quilting projects. Happy stitching.

And your SeWiNg mini-quilt is adorable.

audreypawdrey said...

Good luck getting all you want to do accomplished! The stitchery is wonderful and will be the perfect addition to your sewing space.:)

Emily said...

It's cute. I always see an "X" first when I look at that design - which always makes me look a bit closer! ;)