Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow/Sew day

A tiny sneak peak of a project I started. It is a gift so I can't show it because I think the person it is for may read my blog. Aren't the ants cut. This is from the Jay Mcaroll line.

I made my first block from the "sewconnected 3" group. This block it for Sew-Do-I. I had to add the white boarder because I made the block 12 " and it was suppose to be 12.5".
We had a snow storm last night. I am not sure how many inches of snow we got, but school was out today and will be tomorrow. Which I love, I love when my kiddies get to stay home with me.
And the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival was this weekend. YEAH. I love going to quilt shows. I only bought 2 patterns which I will post later and a fat quarter of ant fabric for my sew connected 3 quilt.
Here is a bit of my favorite quilt at the quilt show. This is hand appliqued, hand embroidered, and hand quilted. It is gorgeous.

PS, My brother LOVED his quilt. Thank you for all the wonderful complements on it.


Anonymous said...

Quilt festivals are fun places to come home with empty pockets with...wink wink...I know I always do!

Dallas said...

Ooh, your block looks fantastic. I love how they're all turning out so differently.

APA said...

Oh no! I read your last entry before this one. More adorable ants! And your quilt block is beautiful. Sweet stuff! Glad you got to enjoy a snow day with your children, too!

QuiltedSimple said...

I can't wait to see what the top picture is!!! And your block is fantastic!