Monday, February 9, 2009

Chihuahuas and children

No sewing going on yesterday or today. I just didn't feel like it. But I received my chihuahua pictures in the mail. ( if you didn't know.... I LOVE chihuahuas ). I bought these from a guy off ETSY. If you love art and dogs, check out his etsy site. His name is Ron Krajewski.

Aren't these the cutest things? ! They are now hanging on the wall opposite of my Chubby Chicks.
My Children... Shelby is filling out her classes for her first year in high school.
And Jonah is counting cereal for the 100th day of school which is tomorrow. He gets to take the 100 pieces of cereal to school tomorrow and eat it there.


I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I have a chihuahua. She's 15 and mostly blind and deaf now. Poor thing. I love her! Your paintings are really cute and look great on the wall!

Cheryl said...

Those pictures are very cute, Amy. I can't wait to see your house!

APA said...

The pictures are adorable and brighten up the room so nicely. And with the chubby chicks, too? Sweet.

These are exciting times for your children, as they reach another milestone in their education, their youth. Live it big, live it with fun!

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the paintings - really cute on the wall! And 100 days of school already? Yikes -where has the year gone?

audreypawdrey said...

The paintings are wonderful! They really are cute in your kitchen. Moving on to high school is huge! this is such an exciting time!

Dawn said...

Ohhh. Such cute, cute pics the chihuahua. Adorable.

And your daughter must be excited/nervous about starting high school....and your son counting out 100 things -- it's already the 100th day of school!? Wow.

Enjoy your family.

Dallas said...

Your dog prints are really cute. I checked to see if he had any shih tzus, but none that look like Clover. Still, he's got a pretty wide selection.