Saturday, December 6, 2008

not sewing related at all.

My daughter is still recovering and I am doing no sewing. So I thought I would show you our ( mostly my husbands ) VW collection.
Here is Charlie, our '62 ( i think) double cab.... she used to be a flower delivery truck.
Here is Rusty , our 58 VW Deluxe..... The side of Rusty use to be crushed in ,but my husband has fixed her and drives her all the time. I've only driven her once and that was because I had to.
This one is my husband's newest VW. It is a Thing. We haven't named her yet..... she might end up to be mine. I like her a lot.
Here is Jaws, we camp in her. She is a '70 camper with a sports mobile top. I love her. My husband completely restored her.
This beetle is mine, her name is Yoda May. She is a '65. My hubby is working on her now.
And here is my husbands beetle, she is an 'oval' , 1956. We don't have a name for her either.
So there they are, our 6 VW's. My husbands passion and collections.


Vicki W said...

Your husband is VERY talented!

Carol in Sweden said...
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Carol in Sweden said...

What beauties in progress!

My first car was a VW square back. We bought it in Luxemborg in '72 when my family spent the summer driving around Europe for 3 months. Then a few years later she drove us from Florida to Costa Rica and back! She earned the name "La Rana Viajera" (the travelling frog) after that LONG trip! I learned to drive on her as my dad insisted that if I learned on her I would be able to drive ANYTHING...he was right! My parents gave her to me for my senior year of University in Indiana and there she died a slow death in the cold climate. I feel so quilty for abandoning her now that I see your hubby's work! Maybe my "Rana" is in someone's shop and coming back to life!

SHow us more photos as the work continues! It's fun to see!

Glenda said...

I hope your daughter's recovery is going okay.

My brother has restored some VWs of various shapes and sizes, and I was going to link to his VW site but I noticed he doesn't have it anymore. He did some cool stuff. His most impressive was restoring a VW Bus -- it was a shell and he restored it to pristine condition inside and out -- he ended up selling it to a guy in Europe, which I thought was neat. My SIL has a Thing that more or less runs -- she used to drive it a lot, but it's definitely a summer-in-Texas vehicle ;-). They have a live venue (music) club now, so the VWs are back-burnered.

Y'all have some great VWs, and your hubby has done some nice work so far. I love the name Yoda May, by the way =).

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I love VW buses. My first car was a bright red VW bus with red,white, and blue curtains. I think I told you that before, though! My dad also had a beige VW bus. Every morning I pass a purple VW bus on my way to my son's preschool and it makes me wish I had one. They're so cool! One of my friends in high school had a Thing that she would drive us around in and it was really cool, too.

Angie said...

Awesome vehicles! I can't wait to see them all when they're done! And the camper is beautiful!

Kathy said...

There's something very 'yummy' about VW's! They really do seem to have a life of their own. Other cars are just, well... cars. VW's have character. An old friend from way back had a Biscuit Brown Beetle called Bertie. He was very sweet. He had a bit of a bingle, decided to become groovy and chose himself a nice metalic Purple Coat. Very Swish! lol
Love your blog btw.
Kathy (blog lurker :-))

APA said...

WOW! Awesome. I like old VWs a lot. My dad had a beetle for a while when I was a teenager. I don't know why we've had no others since.

Neither me nor my husband would know how to go about restoring one as your husband has. That's incredible. Very, very cool and a passion much admired.

A continued good & full recovery to your daughter!

Joyce said...

Hey honey - try to find five minutes to sew. Just five. It will make you feel better, honest!

SewAmy said...

I love how every one loves a VW. I have grown to love them. I had my first one in high school. It was a '73 blue super beetle.

Rhonda said...

Your hubby has a nack for sure.
Hello Amy. Rhonda here. I'm one of your postcard groupies. Just wanted to welcome you to the group.