Wednesday, December 10, 2008

need help with curtains.

The kitchen is mostly done. One day I want to get a charcoal counter top and paint the crown molding dark gray/brown. But here is the kitchen , still a little messy. I need help picking out fabric for the curtains. I just can't decide because there is soooo much cute fabrics out there.

It is a gray color and around the window is a darker gray , which in another spot in the kitchen too.
So here are some fabric chooses I took pictures of last night. What do you think? Number# 1

Number #2....

number # 3

number # 4 coffee beans
Number # 5 chocolates
number # 6
Once I narrow this group down I may have a few more to add.
My daughter went back to school today, on crutches. Someone will be carrying her back pack for her all day. I am a little worried about her, but I think she is coming along good.
I go to my SWAP (sewing with a plan) class tomorrow night , I will be working on a wrap skirt next. I really can't wait to get started. I love skirts.
No sewing yet this week, but I hope to sew just a little today. I have gifts I still need to make. December is move too fast.


APA said...

Oh, Wow! Your kitchen looks beautiful. I kinda liked the orange, I must say, but this is definitely pretty...bright, light and fresh! A change is always nice, isn't it?

All of your fabric choices are lovely. Of the six, I really like Nos. 1, 2 & 6. You'll pick the perfect fabric, no doubt!

I've done no sewing since my whirlwind early last week. Time for me to get back at it! Can't wait to see your skirt. That will be a fun project!

Continued best wishes for your daughter's full recovery! Hope her day goes well.

Michaela said...

I like number 3 or 6.

Dallas said...

I love how bright your kitchen looks. And because of that, I vote for #1 - it's light and bright and the flowers are big and cheery.

#2 looks a little muddled and messy to me.

#3 is my second choice.

#4 and #5 are cute, but I think they would block out too much light.

#6 is my third choice, but it could be too busy and overwhelming depending on the curtain style.

Great choices, by the way.

QuiltedSimple said...

I'm voting for #1 or #3. But I think any of the ones you picked would be fantastic. Your kitchen looks awesome!

Hope your daughter does well at school!!

Cheryl said...

I think 3 is best, then 6. 1 is pretty, too, but it's a bit traditional.

audreypawdrey said...

My vote is for 3 or 6. I love the gray; I also liked the orange but I can see how orange could get old pretty quickly.

I hope your daughter gets better quickly!

Joy said...

Wow, the kitchen looks great!!! I like #6 best, then #3 ... I think either of these would be bright and cheerful.
Good luck with your skirt - I'm hopeless at making clothes, maybe I should take some classes too!!! Sounds like fun :o).
Hope your daughter continues to get better and better each day :o).
Joy :o)

Jo in Tas said...

Kitchen is looking great and I like fabrics 3 and 6

Bean said...

I really like using curtains as a POP of color, instead of having them blended in with everything else. I think lime green (like from that plate?) or orange or red would look fantastic in your room :D

Amy said...

Amy, I'm voting for numbers 3 or 6. I'm not too keen on brown flowers - personal choice and while the others are great fabrics, I like the lighter ones myself.

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

I'm with the others voting for number 3 - You have a lovely kitchen

Rhonda said...

I like #3 and then #2. You have a very bright kitchen. I'm thinking light and airy.

Carol in Sweden said...

Oh...I'm with BEAN...something that doesn't wash out and blend in too much. I think I'd get sick of the chocolate one although it is cute fabric..very cute for something else.
And the circles would drive me buggy after a bit too. Let's see your next selection round....
then I'll commit to voting!

Hope your daughter makes it alright at gets boring after the initial whoopla of needing help wears down. I had a student who needed to be in a wheel chair for 6 weeks so she got to go on the elevator...that was fun for 4 days then it was just a hassle. She had a new appreciation for people who are always in a wheelchair!

Dawn said...

So gorgeous -- what a beautiful kitchen! I love, love fabric #1!

Jantine said...

Wow what a beatiful kitchen! i would finish it with farbic 2 with a band of fabric 5 eg. 6 inches underneath or somewhere in between.