Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday the 18th

Jeremy just got back from the CTS, a VW bus show in NC. He says he had a great time, but I am just so happy to have him back. The picture is of Jeremy's bus(Rusty, the rust one), Scott's bus (the blue one), and Pat's bus ( the yellow one). They all drove together to the show.

Now....fabric. :o) I picked out fabric yesterday for my "strada". I am taking a class Friday at Quilting Adventures , it's called "Strips 'n Curves" . I had help from the girls at work. It was a lot of fabric to pick out. And I still think I am not done with the whole strada thing. I think I am still missing some colors in there. I did cut the fabric today into 1 1/2" strips. Oh what fun. Let me know what you think of my color range, it is really suppost to flow more, I think.
Here is the book for the class. Amazing quilts in it. I will let you know how mine goes.


Yes, my name is Arizona said...

I love the colors for your quilt! And the VW's are great!

coquet's cache said...

Hey! hi! O yea, curves!!! yay, please do let us know about how the class goes. after seeing Louisa on simply quilts, I've always been interested in her style of quilts.

coquet's cache said...

the seahorse was purchased from one red robin, her page is =)

Em said...

Cool buses! The new fabric looks great - I love colorful quilts! I need your email address... it gives me 'noreply' when you comment on my blog.