Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break

Wow, I need a break from my Spring Break. A break.... it seriously wasn't. I ran the whole Spring Break and really don't know how I got it all done. First off, the most wonderful news.... The FIRST robotics team that my daughter is on, Sparky Team 384 WON the Virginal Regional this week/weekend and is going to World's in St. Louis in April.

The competition was AMAZING! The team did so great it is just hard to explain, you'd had to see it to believe it.

Here we are in the stands.

Here is their incredible robot Sparky 384. Notice the bumpers.... made by myself and the hubs.

My daughter in the stands. She is one of the programmers for the robot. ( and that is her boyfriend beside her, not sure what he is doing to her back, lol)

My little guy has been sick ALL weekend. I had to pick him up from school Friday morning with a fever of 100. He has kept a fever anywhere from 100 to 103. The doctor says the strep is negative and it is just a virus. It may even be the flu. Last night (Monday) he still had a temp of 101. :o( He got to the robots competition on Saturday , but only for about an hour and 1/2. I had to get him back home and fill him with meds.

Also this week, my husbands hero passed away. His Uncle Harvey had a heart attack. He was battling cancer and was very weak. Uncle Harvey was an amazing man. He was an Air Force pilot for 28 years and flew 100 missions in the Korean and Vietnam War.

My husband has always wanted to be a pilot and Uncle Harvey was his idol.

In Between the robotics competition, family, viewings and funeral, and a sick boy.... my husband took me to see my very favorite singer/piano player ever. ELTON JOHN! This is only my 4th time seeing him in person and he is still amazing.

All 4 times that I have seen him , he plays for 3 straight hours..... non stop. My hubs bought the Elton John tickets for my birthday this year. Thank you Babe!! It was perfect!

Absolutely no stitching happened on Spring Break... I seriously had no time to stitch a stitch.


Lisa Leggett said...

Hoo-boy! You really do need a break from your break! So much going on in such a small time frame. How odd to send, congratulations, condolences, get well wishes and oohs & ahhs about Elton John all in one comment. Sounds like you've got your hands full! Well, take care, and remember to take five for yourself. Mommies are the hub in the family wheel, afterall!

Jennifer said...

Wow, crazy busy.

Sorry about Jeremy's uncle. :(

Angie said...

WOW I think I might be tired just reading about your busy week. My prayers are with you and your hubs right now. Congrats to your daughter, and I hope your son feels better soon, fevers are no fun at all. Hopefully you can get some stitching done soon. Cross my fingers for you!

Michaelanne said...

Congrats to your daughter! That is so exciting! What a cool project to be involved in!! I am sorry to hear of your hubby's Uncle passing..We also had a death in the family..and then came home and Zach got sick. Makes for a sad week! I wish I had Elton John to finish out with though:) Good for you!! Enjoy!