Friday, September 23, 2011

Haiku MugRug and School

I participated in the Haiku mug rug swap over on Flickr last month. A mug rug in just a big coaster to put your drink on. I have most on mine hanging on the wall because they are too cute to put drinks on. The Haiku are 3 very short sayings put together, it is Japanese poetry. Here is the Wikipeda page for Haiku, that will explain it. We had to come up or find a Haiku for our partner and make a mugrug to fit it. FourMonkeysQuilt, Karie, had me ( it was a secret ). She came up with my Haiku : Rear Engine, Air Cooled
Put your Trust in Volkswagen
Dos Auto, Beep Beep!
And here is my mugrug she sent, her family are a VW loving family too.

The whole package came with lots of goodies. I've hung my sweet spider up for Halloween already.

The partner I sent to was TheBusyBean, Colleen. She loves mushrooms and all kinds of other things. But I picked the mushrooms because I think they are pretty fun to make. Here is the mugrug I sent her.

I didn't come up with Colleen's Haiku, I just googled mushroom Haiku's and found a really good one.

So no sewing going on lately. Not even embroidery. I'm having a little embroidery withdrawal, but there is so much homework and studying to do that I don't have time.

Lab has been pretty fun~ we've gotten to test our own urine.

And draw each others blood. This is my lab partner sticking me. I stuck her before this, I was so nervous.

So sewing is on hold for right now. I should rename my blog Study~Amy instead of Sew~Amy.


audreypawdrey said...

Eventually you will have more time to sew! I love the mug rug you made and received. The mushroom is so fabulous!

Phoebe said...

I love your mushroom mug rug! Could've done without the needle.... :D