Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stitching makes me happy.

I am working on another "Flower quilt" from the 'Bareroots' pattern. This is the 2nd time making this sweet quilt.

This time I am making it for the shop , Quilting Adventures. Here will be some of the colors for the sashing.
I love all of the sweet flowers in this pattern.

Here is a photo of the first one I made. Very different colors. This quilt went to an auction to help raise money for chihuahua rescue.


Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Great quilt Amy and such a wonderful cause. Love those Chihuahuas!!

Giggly said...

That's a wonderful quilt! I love the color schemes in both.

Lisa Leggett said...

Hi Amy!
Wow, this new quilt looks great! The colors are fantastic. I LOVE quilts that incorporate embroidery, those are the best!
Thanks for visiting me too, I'm so ready to get our house move over. It's so much work! Hoarders, yes... I like that show too, even if it does give me the jeebers. My grandma was a hoarder (bad, very much like what you see on that show), and my mom has those tendencies as well, that's why I'm so on gaurd to "check-myself-before-i-wreck-myself". I don't want that kind of clutter to creep up on me, which is what seems to happen to those people. I think it must be suffocating.
Anyhooo! Thanks again for popping in, I'm looking forward to seeing how your quilt comes out!