Thursday, February 4, 2010

Celebrate the Boy

Do you have a sweet Boy at home? a grandson? a nephew? Finally things for boys. I feel like there are sooo many more cute patterns and things for girls.

Don't get my wrong, I love little girl things too. But I have a little boy I want to make things for.

And now.....

"Dena made it " is putting patterns for boys on your blog the whole month of February ...YEAH.
Go check them out.


Daydreams On MountainTops said...

YEA!!! Yes, let celebrate the boy- and its about time. Thanks so much for this!!!

Bec said...

Thanks! Having three boys myself I do find it hard to find things to make for them, my girls are easier to make for. Have you seen Hatched and Patched's boy book????

Joy said...

What a fabulous idea!!!
Joy :o)

Phoebe said...

Thanks for the link! There's some really cute stuff there.... :)