Friday, July 4, 2014

Hello and Goodbye

I've been stitching just a little.
The Monarch Butterfly is one of the things I have stitched.
I love him. I had never beaded before and it ended up being really fun.

 photo 41085319-31b2-470a-9beb-9fe6365705fd_zpsdb3cae2f.jpg

Another piece I stitched and finished is 'Always in My Heart'. Pattern by Heartstring Samplery.
I love the colors in this pattern.
 photo e226cc20-204d-4dd8-bcef-8b114bbb1166_zpsabe272f2.jpg

Geneva Joyce is my nana. She passed away in May. I stitched this piece and gave it to my mom on the day of my nana's memorial.
Here is a photo of the female Bluebird in our yard.  She was grabbing up worms to feed her babies this day. I haven't seen her in a really long time.

 photo 849f179a-98e4-4152-976b-e8e74b378312_zpsc14e1516.jpg

I wanted to stitch something with a Bluebird in it to remind me of her. I found this pattern by Snowflower Diaries.  ~ Perfect
 photo 958d05af-93b1-4b5d-87b1-6ed0453de396_zps029c2605.jpg

What I'm working on now is 'The Bee Skep' by Blackbird Designs.
 photo a3dfcba8-c660-4e70-8335-f41b0baee91c_zpse933400b.jpg

The brick in the building is what called me to stitch this piece. My dad, grandfather and uncle were all masonry bricklayers. My dad built every house we've lived in while I was growing up. ( 3 houses).  You should see the brick work in them.  :)

 photo b878ffc9-58f0-4bc1-a913-caf5db4d0b6f_zps98902f85.jpg

I've been working in my flower gardens a lot. I love it outside and have a real hard time coming indoors.  Even when it's 98 degrees outside.
My family and I have been hiking a lot lately too.
 photo 38e15b6b-130e-48ed-a2cc-e8e43885c462_zps7380f94c.jpg

We've hiked to 5 different waterfalls in June along. :)   Mother Nature is gorgeous!!

So, I'm saying goodbye again for awhile. I don't know if I'll be back or not.  I am still on Instagram and I am documenting my life through my Project Life. (which I love)
Blogging seems more like a chore to me now and life is too short for that.
I want to do what I enjoy which is....
taking pictures,
Project Life,
playing in the yard,
and stitching.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Taking A Tiny Break

In my backyard world

I love Spring and I love being outdoors during this time of year.
 photo 2fa2b240-9656-45b2-948f-3cb82f45cfcf_zps39b9f0dd.jpg

 photo ca743c7b-b4ae-4f0b-9ed9-a95d4df10dcb_zpsf91e5439.jpg

So, I've decided to take a blogging break to spend more time outdoors. I'll still be stitching... I love to stitch on my back porch. I'll still be reading my favorite blogs in the evening. I just won't be blogging the month of May.
I am on Instagram and will continue to post photos of my stitching there. So if you're on Instagram, I am amystitches .  With Instagram I don't need my computer to post a photo and you know I am a picture girl.

What I've been stitching...

 I've made a few of these 'project bags'
 photo eda1e980-6725-444d-927e-eec245253a75_zpsfb3ffa37.jpg

The pattern is 'Bridget's Bagettes' by Atkinson Designs (I made changes to the size)

 photo 37b3d20f-b47d-443e-976f-bd0e63340fbe_zpsfba7a1d1.jpg

I love the clear vinyl on the front so you can see what and where everything is in the bag.

This quilt inspired by a pattern called 'Busy City' by Empty Bobbin has been quilted
 photo 6f1d8767-c5e7-474e-9525-2311e70eda21_zps3a142b1c.jpg

and just needs the binding put on. It's a wedding gift for my best friend.  These are some of the Volkswagens they own.

I've been stitching flowers in a basket and loving it. The colors in this piece are dreamy!

 photo 2bda51bb-bb2a-4095-966d-43ff1afd0a52_zps4f8c0b5e.jpg

It will be a gift so I don't want to say what it is just yet.

What I plan to work on next...

I'm not sure
 photo cf8399d2-dfbe-4060-9e41-f8d209195769_zps6b54a4f7.jpg

But I have these two patterns to choose from. I may start the 'Strawberry Sampler' because I have the linen already. I still need to order my linen for 'Home Is Where You Hang Your Needlework'.

So goodbye for now. I will hopefully be back in June. Happy Stitching!! and Happy Spring!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Bluebirds and Shamrocks

Bluebird Cabin stitched...
 photo d00fa2af-7357-4006-ab13-1d138e56f669_zps193fc12b.jpg

I love the two toned door and the house in this one... and of course the Bluebirds.
 photo 3c3c91ce-72d4-4834-9af3-77a4a4625550_zps8a64ec2d.jpg

I wasn't going to use the buttons but the owl button for this block is so cute that I am going to have to use him. (not pictured)

I finished stitching 'Shamrock Bunny' also.
Pattern by Homespun Elegance
Stitched on 30ct Weeks linen which I tea dyed a bit.
 photo d0d9afc6-1a0f-45f1-93bc-f1a9896e4088_zps4b6b8c77.jpg

I may stitch these buttons at the bottom but haven't decided yet. I'll be making it into a little pillow with my Heather Ross shamrock fabric on the back.

Most of my 'smalls' are Halloween or Christmas themed so I decided I needed another Spring one. This will make only my second Spring themed one.  I do love it. The bunny's tail is a bunch of colonial knots so it sticks up a bit.
A little peek of what I've been working on lately...

 photo 8f22bc44-a80d-484a-836c-b34726c24829_zpse5416a6f.jpg

I'm loving the colors in it so much! I can't give the details as of yet. It's going to be a gift and I don't want to give too much away.
In my backyard

 photo bf7589da-a4b1-4f3c-aced-5505be96cca7_zps026b80de.jpg

 photo 16b04281-48ce-476a-94c6-43cd0c1327a4_zpsdc44d905.jpg

Monday, April 14, 2014

She Feeds Them Well

She Feeds Them Well
By The Scarlett House

 photo 3be2f139-c4e5-4531-8736-e046e4e0e130_zps3d6b2303.jpg

Stitched on 40 ct Cedar Plank
One over one with a little 'tent stitch' throw in there.
I changed a lot of my floss colors, but I wrote the changes down so if you have a question about a color you can ask.

 photo e3526c0f-fb1f-436e-837c-dfb36ef6c1e8_zps550bc389.jpg

Can I tell you that I enjoyed every single stitch of this piece. It was so fun to stitch and see all the little birds come to life. One of the color changes I made was the shirt. I wear brown a lot (it's one of my favorite colors) so I made her shirt brown instead of the striped blue and white.  I also made my grass a bit greener. When I started this piece, I was missing Spring and all the green that comes with it.

 photo f40c9f30-a349-4467-9754-96a69fc1d30a_zps5205b1e6.jpg

Here ^^^ , you can see a bit of the 'tent stitch'. It is in the little plant with red circle flowers and a little brown bird sitting on top. It is stitched one thread crossed over one thread... and on 40 ct!  It was a little tedious at first but then it kind-of grow on me. I love the way it turned out.

 photo be136e0a-639a-4fcf-80b3-d34cc49510c2_zps5969dc3d.jpg


Spring has Sprung

 photo 2c7cd7d7-e889-490c-965c-3f2073bfa5de_zpsf2329172.jpg

A snail I found in my yard while pulling weeds last week!

 photo 3493de25-a5d7-4aaf-87a0-06894dbf10f1_zpsdcef39bd.jpg

Bees in my trees! ~ Love

 photo b3dc3bfc-df15-4a0c-a985-bd219a2deef4_zpsd30aedfd.jpg

And camping season has started! Our first camping trip of the year was this weekend. The weather couldn't have been any better. We had the most wonderful time!
I love Spring!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Can't Stop

My house needs to be cleaned.
There are piles of laundry to be done.
The yard is a mess.
There is food to be bought and people to be fed.
So many errands to run, I don't know where to start.
I have one hundred other things that NEED to be done,
but I can't stop stitching ...
 photo 396ddb47-cbde-40a6-9467-453f11da5ce0_zpsae910db6.jpg

It's a sickness.
It's my addiction.
It's my therapy.

Pattern : "Bluebird Cabin" , Frosty Forest #5
By Country Cottage Needleworks

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Loving Every Stitch

Here is the progress I've made on 'She Feeds Them Well'
I've loved every single stitch.
 photo 4f9ba85f-8944-4147-a720-05a225cabbd0_zpsb7b35803.jpg

I've changed some floss colors. The shirt is one of them, it was supposed to be stripped blue and a cream color, but I love the color brown and wear it often so I changed it.
Also... I'm having to stitch a new (for me) stitch called the 'tent stitch'. It's called for a couple of times in this pattern and I'm still not sure I'm doing it correct but it seems to look ok.
 photo 4cb7261c-8ca3-4c3c-8469-75ce95b8ba4f_zps3e0a8441.jpg

You can see in this photo I've used the 'tent stitch' in the n , d , h and o.  It would probably be an easier stitch if I wasn't doing it on 40ct.  It is seriously testing my eye sight. lol

Frog and Toad update..
I am slowly cutting out frogs and toads to be sewn.
 photo cbe237a6-527f-479d-80fd-b9a40bd61e8d_zpsd296f994.jpg
I think I may be up to 24 finished ones now.
I may try to sew these little guys up tomorrow... that will give me 31. :)

Just for fun ~ Throw Back Thursday
 photo bf329820-67d5-4c96-98dc-d578499f2cc1_zpsf97f2663.jpg

I found this old photo from 18 years ago... me stitching.  I still stitch in the same place (not that bed but in bed)  and I still use that exact same hoop.  LOL

Happy stitching! Where do you stitch at??

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Snowy Friends

Snowy Friends
#4 in the "Frosty Forest" series.
 photo 43f4678a-ae15-43ee-af7b-10fea8fdaf9c_zpsb8ced5aa.jpg
I'm still loving this series so much. Next months block is called 'Bluebird Cabin'.... perfect!

  photo 590275ea-bdfb-46d0-b8af-feefee8289b2_zps5d037b54.jpg

Designer is Country Cottage Needleworks.

I don't think I've shown my new start. I started it a week or two ago... I was itching to stitch birds.
It is 'She Feeds Them Well' by The Scarlett House.

 photo f22bd88b-db03-4f8d-81e7-f93a4888cc76_zpsf4ad5ac2.jpg

I have changed the floss for the grass from a GA Chamomile to a WDW Moss. In hopes that Spring would come soon and I would once again see beautiful bright green grass.
No such luck yet... we got snow again yesterday.

My sweet chipmunk Alvin popped out to see me on Saturday before the snow. I loaded him up with food and warned him about the weather that was coming.

 photo 9eecdde1-fbe5-4be4-8097-6ea2a0530e49_zps90e8572c.jpg

Oh Spring, please hurry up and get here.
Happy stitching.