Monday, August 27, 2012

Question ~~ Help!

I had purchased the 'Just Cross-Stitch' 2012 Special Collector's Issue Halloween.  There are a few cute Halloween ornaments I want to make out of this magazine.  And that awesome pattern called 'Town of Halloween' that I am too scared to make at this time, but hope to make one day...... anyway... the ornament I'm working on now is 'Spells' on page 66.

Here is my prOgress.....

I took at little break from stitching today and was browsing the magazine....looking at the other things I wanted to stitch.  I really want to stitch this cute ornament 'Rotten But Not Forgotten'.... here is the finished picture in the magazine on page 63.  But I can not find the pattern in the magazine. 

So my question is : Does anyone else have this magazine that can look and see if I am just missing it?  Am I missing a page?  What page is it the pattern on?  Help me please.

Edit: I went to the 'Just Cross Stitch' website to contact them about the pattern and I found a corrections link. I clicked on the link and there is the pattern. :o)  It was omitted from the magazine.

Mystery solved.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What's In My Hoop

I worked a little on my August BOM today while a storm blew through. The weather is wonderfully cool ... 68 degrees.

I have finished stitching my bonus pattern from Lizzie*Kates Halloween mystery sampler.  I'm hoping I can get it made into a little ornament to hang at Halloween time.(This will be my first Halloween ornament ever)  Don't look too close, I've messed up a bit but you really can't tell so it's all good.

I've also finished stitching part 2 of 'Very Scary' , the mystery sampler.  I am loving it!!  Remember, I have changed my colors a bit so when you see others on line.... mine looks darker. I took out the bright colors.  I also did a little change where you see the white piece of paper. There is supposed to be a little rectangle with a charm key hanging there.... it's not going to be there. I'm not ready to show off what I put there yet though..... so later.

Oh and I have to show you a better picture of my chipmunk..... really just a closer picture. Isn't he adorable!

What's in your hoop??

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kiddos and Fall

       She's a senior this year and senior year is sinking in. We went and payed her fees, her computer was issued, she was fitted for her cap and gown, she got her class schedule and then she got her parking pass. And she SCORED with the parking pass.... we went to see where her spot was and it is right up front and center with the handicap spots. Now my baby girl has two bad knees, has had surgery on both knees so when we saw where her spots was... we were both so happy.

I've been trying to keep these two kiddos of mine busy while we wait for Fall to come. I love Fall! Jonah and I have been to the park a few times. I made him pose by my favorite flower.... the black eyed susan.

And I pose here with Mr. Gecko who goes everywhere with us.

I took the kiddos to see "Body Worlds"  at the Science Museum of Va.  It was very educational and they both liked it.

We've made rock candy....

And I've been stitching up my 'Very Scary'..... this is it in prOgress....

The blogs and Pinterested are all starting to have pumpkins and Fall ideas / decorations on them. The weather is starting to cool... I can actually sit on my front porch and stitch again.  Bring on Fall!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Stitching by the River

I finally got to camp this weekend and look at our view.  We camped on the Rappahannock river with 9 other buses, one beetle, one Thing, and one Ghia.  It was beautiful!
 I did get some stitching in by the river. (smile)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Camera Is Working Again

My camera is working again, yeah!  So here are some pictures.....   here is the wedding quilt finished for my cousin.  (She loves purple and gold.)

Here is a peek at my #7 block HocusPocusVille....

Here is a peek at my progress on 'Very Scary'......

In my little garden... I love to watch the animals. This picture was taken through my kitchen window and screen.

You have to look hard, but this is one of the two chipmunks in our yard. (He is by the water bowl). I leave feed and water for them everyday. And I love to watch them play together outside my kitchen window. They are frighten very easily so it's hard to get a picture close up of them.

And one of the many crazy squirrels in our yard. I do love squirrels but they scare off my chipmunks.  (also taken through window and screen)

Happy stitching this week~~~ we are planning to camp this weekend so I am hoping to be stitching on the river by a bus.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Quick Post

Well.... my camera is broke so only one picture today. I took this one over the weekend while my husband was working on the beetle.  Her engine, seats, and carpet have been pulled out.  And she is turning blue!

I've finished my cousin signature quilt, but no pictures... my camera actually broke while I was trying to take pictures of that quilt.  The screen went black and then nothing.... the lens won't even go back in.  I've even tried to charge the battery and ..... nothing.  I've been working slowly on my Mystery Sampler "Very Scary". Changing up the floss again to make it look spooky and more evil. :o)  Sorry I can't post pictures of it.  ~~

Thursday, August 9, 2012

We Are A Volkswagen Family

My daughter's new to her car came rolling in the back yard the other day.  We found her a 1969 VW Beetle.  She is so excited. Her daddy is going to clean it up a bit, rebuild the engine and paint it baby blue for her.  

This makes us the proud owners of 7 Volkswagen's now. It is an addiction and a love.

(yes, my daughter wears different colors socks all the time)

Have you seen the movie "The Bus"?  It is wonderful! It may just be wonderful to us because we are bus owners. I smiled and cried through the whole movie.  And did you know that Tom Hanks is a bus owner...... I love him even more now!!  If you get a chance, check it out.... you too will want to own a bus after watching the adorable movie/ documentary.

(  Here is the trailer for the movie)

A little bit of sewing this week..... my niece started high school today. This was her first day in public school ever. She has been homeschooled since kindergarden.  I found the cutest little pattern by Atlinson Designs called 'Briget's Bagettes'  and thought it would be sweet to make her a pencil bag for school.   I filled her new pencil bag up with 'Smarties' ,  put a note in with it saying "You are so Smart", wished her luck with her freshman year at school and sent it off to her.

The back of the pencil bag is shark fabric because she too like my son is shark crazy. :o)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Very Scary II Is Here!

I picked up my Part II of the Very Scary Mystery Sampler!!  I'm so excited I could pee my pants. But I didn't want to start it until I finished my 'July' BOM

Here is July.... I finished it last night. :o)  ......While watching a crazy episode of Hoarders.

I think my favorite part is the cute blue flowers in the this block.  Now to start on Very Scary. :o)

And just a little shout out for my talented husband.  We painted our front door yesterday..... it needed it soooo bad.  My hubs took the old kick plate off put it on his plasma table.... cut out some cute flowers and peace signs.  He then painted it silver....(it started out brass).  And here it is.... so cute!! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

This Moment!!

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.  ~~ SouleMama